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  • Installing CCTV


    BTS professionally install the highest quality CCTV security cameras in the South West. We can customise packages to suit your needs and offer commercial security systems or home CCTV systems. With our licensed professional installers and consultants we strive to be the best at what we do.

  • Commercial CCTV installations

    Fibre Optics

    At BTS, we travel all over the state and have specialist Optical Fibre technicians who are fully trained and equipped to work on all types of Fibre Optic cabling. Whether it's a singlemode network linking a crusher to a switch house in the northwest, a midnight cutover of essential services or a multimode linking a transportable classroom in the great southern, BTS have the expertise and equipment to be an asset to your project.

  • Danielle office staff

    Telephone Systems

    BTS offer a complete professional portfolio of communications systems for your business. From VoIP to door phones and all your office telephone communication devices, BTS can source and install it all.

  • See Arion for WiFi solutions

    WiFi Solutions

    BTS use The UniFi® Enterprise WiFi System which is a scalable enterprise access point solution designed to be easily deployed and managed. UniFi Access Point (AP) indoor models have a sleek design and can be easily mounted to a ceiling tile or wall.

  • Installation of data point for CCTV

    Data Points

    BTS install data points for commercial and residential properties. With friendly experienced technicians and fantastic prices, there has never been a better time to call. Contact us now!

  • Underground trench for pit and lead in connection

    Underground Cabling

    Technology is changing at an ever increasing rate. So how are you supposed to know the right cabling for the right job? The answer is simple, let the cabling experts at BTS take care of all the design, and planning. From the incoming cable from your carrier to the devices in your building we can connect it all.

  • BTS new van with sign writing

    Antenna Installs

    Did you know that BTS also install television antenna's? Call us today for some great deals or to discuss your options.

BTS Acquires Nerdism Computers Bunbury

bts acquasition business

BTS are pleased to announce the acquisition of Nerdism Computers Bunbury.

From the 1st of September Nerdism Computers will be a part of the BTS Group and be renamed to BTS Technology.

We will bring our exceptional service and fully trained technicians to assist with today’s ever demanding IT and Communication needs.

As a BTS Technology customer you will be guaranteed friendly and expert advice from BTS an already established and well respected company in Bunbury

The BTS Group can now offer IT solutions for businesses such as cloud backups, server management, POS systems and Website services under the new BTS Technologies Branding. Add data/fibre cabling, Matrix screens, Telephone systems, Fibre connections and CCTV options from BTS and you have an all in one solution for your needs..

For our residential customer’s services, under the new name we will provide Virus and Spyware removal, Computer repairs, Data protection and installation, Data recovery, Tablet and Phone Screen repairs. We also provide as part of the BTS Group, data and network infrastructure, antenna installations, CCTV security cameras and Wi-Fi solutions.

Call the team today on 9726 0088 to see how we can help your IT, Residential and Business Communication needs.

BTS Technology – Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today.

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BTS specialise in fibre optics, telephony cabling, data cabling, telephone Systems, digital displays, TV aerials, copper and fibre locating. BTS have the expertise and knowledge for all your communication requirements. BTS have established a reputation for their expertise and exceeding customer expectations.

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criminal breaking into house

Security has always been a major concern for households and offices and with the growing drug concerns in our state now is the best time to take action, this is where BTS can help. Houses with no security systems installed are prone to get robbed 2.7% more than those with security systems installed, thus a home security system must be a priority.

What is CCTV?cctv dome camera

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. It is a TV system but in CCTV the signals from the camera are outputted on single display rather than on a public display. Internet Protocol or IP cameras which are powered by the Network Video Recorder (POE – Power Over Ethernet) can send and receive signals over the internet. These cameras play an important role in the video surveillance inside or outside the house. Due to increased crime rates, it has become a total necessity to secure homes with security systems. The popularity of CCTV cameras has increased exponentially and the importance of CCTV is widely recognised by police departments; even police recommend home owners to get a CCTV installed so that it can help them in reducing crimes.  It has been more common these days for Police to ask for footage from neighbouring houses to help capture criminals who have broken into premises across the street.

Let’s have a look on how a CCTV can prove useful in a home security system.


No Intrusion:

The vital benefit of a CCTV is that it keeps away the intruders. Whenever a camera is placed outside or anywhere that is visible, it creates a fear of being watched for the potential burglar. It can certainly reduce the risks of pre-planned burglary. Thieves are mostly frightened about being watched during a crime scene, they don’t tend to burgle premises which are being watched by CCTV Surveillance 24 hours a day. Installing a CCTV outside your premises can prevent a pre-planned burglary and give you a full display of what’s happening around the premises of your house. Check out our night and day videos on a typical system setup here https://btswa.com.au/our-services or visit our show room in 21 Wilson Road, Davenport.

Safe Valuables:

Australian motorcycle police

When you have valuables in your house, you wouldn’t want your house to be prone to burglary. Different CCTV cameras can be installed in sensitive locations inside or outside the house and multiple displays can be obtained on a single screen which will give an idea of the full house on just one screen. If a burglar breaks into the house, the CCTV Surveillance footage can help in aiding the Police to making an arrest thus a CCTV can help prevent a major financial loss and protect your property.


Check ins and check outs:

It becomes necessary to maintain a check on who entered the property in your absence. The arrival time and the time of leaving of maids, cargo service, milk supplier etc. can be checked anytime via an inbuilt app for your phone in case of suspicious activity. The CCTV Surveillance footage records person or persons entering the property and can be set to record 24hrs a day with motion sensing making sure that your property is safe. This is why police departments strongly recommend the installation of CCTV in houses.


Costs and Benefits:

Installing a CCTV system on a property is very cost effective and the cost is probably less than you think. They offer peace of mind and the sense of having safety all over the property. CCTV Surveillance systems come in various packages such as residential or commercial packages.  BTS can tailor a system to suit your needs, just visit our website https://btswa.com.au/contact-us and contact us for an obligation free quote. All security problems can be solved greatly by the use of CCTV cameras and reduce the risk of break ins which also can have an adverse effect on property insurance if installed professionally by licensed security installers such as BTS. Everybody is encouraged to install CCTV cameras on their property because they can ensure a safe and sound environment for everyone.  Protect your home, protect your business, protect your family, contact BTS for your security needs today.

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